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Transfer Them To DVD

You’ve captured some of life’s most precious memories on film and video tape. Images of grandparents, parents, other relatives who are no longer with us, the kids growing up, and special events are fading away as your old movies and video deteriorate. Video tapes shot in the 80’s are already beginning to fade away.

I can help you preserve those images by digitally transferring your film and your video tapes onto DVD. I can work with all formats of film - 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm  or video tape - Betamax, VHS, VHC-C, 8mm, Hi 8 or Mini Dv.

See Your Home Movies -

Convert VHS, VHS-C or 8mm Video To DVD

In the past 20+ years, we’ve seen video tape move from VHS to VHS-C to 8mm to Hi 8 to Mini Dv formats. Most of us have had video cameras in several of these formats and you probably changed formats when your camcorder gave up the ghost.

Before video, we had film. Remember the old projector  - if you are like many of us, you have reels and reels of film but don’t have a working movie projector. Instead of fumbling with reels of old film, your memories will be on a beautiful, searchable DVD that you can watch on your TV.

So, do you have a way of watching your home movies?  Transfer your video or convert your film movies to DVD and start enjoying them again.

Share Your Home Movies -

When They Are In A Digital Format, They Are Easy To Share

Having your home movies transferred to DVD is a wonderful gift. Perfect for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, retirements,  and - of course - the holiday season.

Share your memories with your friends and family. Transfer your footage to DVD and have a set made up for each child.

If you travel with friends or family, I can create a beautiful DVD commemorating your trip. Make up a set for everyone on the trip.

I can give you back your home movies in a format that you can watch on your computer, iPhone or iPod.

Don’t ship your irreplaceable memories all over the world - 
Play it safe - Bring them to me!

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